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Courses of study:
First semesterHigher semester
Analytic Instruments, Measurement and Sensor-Technology (Master)yesno
Architecture (Bachelor)noyes
Automation Technology and Robotics (Bachelor)noyes
Automotive Technology (Bachelor)noyes
Civil Engineering (Bachelor)noyes
Business Administration (Master)yesno
Business Administration (Bachelor)noyes
Business Administration (part-time professional program) (Master)yesno
Business Administration part-time professional program (Bachelor)yesno
Bioanalytics (Master)yesno
Bioanalysis (Bachelor)noyes
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Master)yesno
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Bachelor)noyes
Power Engineering and Renewable Energies B.Eng. (Bachelor)noyes
Developm. & Managem. in Mech. Eng. and Automotive Construction (Master)yesno
Financial Management (Master)yesno
Industrial Management (Bachelor)noyes
Computer Science (Bachelor)noyes
Computer Science (Master)yesno
Interior Design & Interior Architecture (Bachelor)noyes
Integrative Health Promotion (Bachelor)noyes
Integrated Product Design (Bachelor)noyes
Clinical Social Work (part-time professional program) (Master)yesno
Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)noyes
Sustainable Planning and Design - Civil Engineering (Master)yesno
Simulation and Testing (Master)yesno
Social Work (Bachelor)noyes
Social Work (Master)yesno
Technical Physics (Bachelor)noyes
Insurance (Bachelor)noyes
ZukunftsDesign (Master)yesno

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